True Anamorphic Footage

RED Weapon

2018 is here and we're feeling blessed to have the "best camera in the world" (direct quote from one of our fave DoPs)...the new RED Weapon. Best qualities? Hmmm... Where do we start? Stunning anachronistic yet futuristic aesthetic, 16 stops of dynamic range, shoots in 8K (whaaaat???!) and still compact and light enough to drag to the top of the mountain or balance on a Viking pirate ship (true stories from 2017...). 

Look out for a whole bunch more spectacular stock footage in 8K coming soon, plus a suite of 4K drone shots...

On that note, we wish all our MythStock'ers a Happy New Year full of awesome film/ad/doc/tv/branded/pitch projects! As always, feel free to shoot us an email at if there's something you need and we will (endeavour to) sail the seven seas to get it for you. :)


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