We are the only stock footage company specialising in anamorphic footage, shot with true anamorphic lenses. We are not only filmmakers, but film fans. We believe that quality, unique and extraordinary footage should be accessible to anyone - no matter what your intended platform or format. 

MythStock footage is lensed with cinematic flair for filmmakers looking for images they can actually use - not the same generic shots available in most collections.  Our library is constantly expanding and if we don't have it,  ask us - we can get it!

The clips you see in our catalogue are minimally colour graded, ready for you to use. If  latitude is what you need, all of our footage is available in RAW format so that you have the ultimate say in matching your chosen shots to the unique palette of your project. We shoot at a very low compression rate to deliver the highest quality image and give you the greatest flexibility for colour grading. 

If there is a shot that you want but don't see, feel free to contact us with your specific requirements - we have DoP-led crews based all over the world and will do everything we can to get you what you need! 

And One Last Thing... 

Although MythStock is now open (welcome filmmakers!) - we are currently in the process of uploading thousands of clips in several output ranges (H264 to RAW). We have massive libraries encompassing Italy, France, Eastern Europe, London, Scotland, the USA, Iceland and Caribbean to come...please contact us with specific clip enquiries and we will do our best to have them available within 48 hours.